Breast Reconstruction with an Added Bonus

Thanks to her fellowship training in microsurgery, Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa is one of the few practitioners to fully specialize in flap breast reconstruction in Los Angeles. After removing a “tissue flap” consisting of muscle, fat, and skin, Dr. Srinivasa can then transplant these tissues to the chest wall, where they’ll form a natural breast mound made from your very own tissues. The best part? This procedure comes with a “two-in-one” nature, as the part of your body used to donate the tissue flap will essentially receive a cosmetic upgrade, similar to a tummy tuck or butt lift. In fact, our patients love their results so much that they frequently report higher levels of satisfaction with their appearances than they experienced before their illnesses.

If you’re ready to learn more about what flap-based reconstruction can do for you, we’re here to help. Simply reach out to our Thousand Oaks or Los Angeles locations and set up your consultation with a member of our team to begin your reconstructive journey today.

The Benefits of Tissue Flap Reconstruction

We offer a number of reconstruction options in addition to the tissue flap methods, but these are far and away among our most popular. During your consultation, Dr. Srinivasa will help you explore all your options, guiding you to the surgical choice that is right for both your body type and your individual goals.

Some of the reasons our patients love tissue flap reconstruction:

  • Since it utilizes your own tissues, the procedure is completely safe
  • Your results will be soft and natural
  • Risks for complications like migration, rippling, and more are avoided
  • The donor area receives a significant cosmetic upgrade
  • Reconstruction can be performed in one procedure, instead of several stages
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Tissue Flap Reconstruction Procedures

DIEP Flaps

This procedure utilizes a tissue flap that is donated from the stomach and lower abdomen area. The DIEP flap technique is ideal for patients with extra fat or tissue to space in the stomach area and results in the equivalent of a tummy tuck.

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SGAP Flaps

Standing for “super gluteal artery perforator,” the SGAP flap utilizes a tissue flap that has been removed from the hip area, while also taking some tissue and fat from the upper buttocks. The result is a breast reconstruction procedure that also includes the equivalent of a butt lift.

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TUG Flaps

The TUG flap method is ideal for patients who might not be a candidate for the DIEP flap method due to insufficient abdominal fat. This technique uses tissues from the upper thigh and has a tendency to be favored by patients with especially athletic lifestyles.

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PAP Flaps

Very thin patients or patients with especially muscular abdominal areas often benefit from techniques that use tissue flaps from other areas. The PAP technique uses a tissue flap removed from the thighs, leaving them with a tighter and more supple appearance.

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LAP Flaps

The LAP flap procedure takes its tissue flap from the “love handles,” which is an area that many of our patients love to see slimmed down as an added benefit of their breast reconstruction procedure.

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Customized "Freestyle" Perforator Flaps

Some patients feel as though they may not be an ideal candidate for tissue flap breast reconstruction due to insufficient body fat. If you feel as though this describes you, or if you’ve had another doctor tell you that your body composition rules you out for autologous reconstruction, we invite you to visit the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction. Our expert surgeons will find the fat and tissues required to perform your ideal reconstruction, utilizing the customized “freestyle” flap reconstruction method.

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Hybrid Reconstruction

Combining implant-based and tissue flap reconstruction, the hybrid option enables patients to exercise an impressive amount of control over their results. Hybrid reconstruction may be recommended to you for a variety of reasons, and Dr. Srinivasa will help you land on the technique that’s right for you during your consultation. Patients who are interested in increasing the size of their bust during reconstruction can do so with a hybrid approach, which can augment breast size while also preserving a more natural look and feel.

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Connecting You with the Results You Deserve

The Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction is here to build a bridge to your new life. We offer a full range of breast reconstruction techniques, enable you to truly move on from your illness and enjoy the body that feels right to you. 

Our supportive staff is ready to walk you through every step of the process, keeping you informed and comfortable at all times. When you’re ready to learn more about what we can do for you, simply reach out to our Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks locations and set up your consultation today.

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