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Complications that follow a breast reconstruction or augmentation procedure can be incredibly frustrating. Patients who were previously looking forward to ending their reconstructive journeys can be suddenly faced with the unfortunate reality of a reconstruction procedure that is painful, asymmetric, and/or unflattering. If this sounds like you, Dr. Srinivasa is here to give you the power to look forward to reliable results that truly last. Her level of experience with both microsurgical autologous reconstruction and implant-based procedures alike has given her the ability to address an impressive range of conditions, and she’s confident that she’ll be able to address your issues and perform a breast revision procedure that truly restores your bust.

When you’re ready to learn more about what we can do for you here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, reach out to us at our Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks locations and set up your consultation with a dedicated staff member today!

When to Consider a Breast Revision

Patients typically come to Dr. Srinivasa interested in breast revision when a previous augmentation or reconstruction procedure has failed, or developed complications. Some of the most common instances in which patients seek out breast revision include:

  • Implant-based breast augmentation complications, such as implant migration, rippling, capsular contracture, and other issues.
  • Complications like tissue expander extrusion or loss of expander due to skin breakdown or infection.
  • Asymmetry that has developed between the breasts over time.
  • An autologous breast reconstruction procedure has resulted in fat necrosis or total flap failure.

Breast Revision with Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa

Here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, our primary goal is to create results that not only restore your bust in a way that meets your cosmetic goals, but that ideally enables to you feel a level of satisfaction with your body that soars above and beyond the way you felt before. To accomplish this, we’re proud to be offering a number of both autologous and implant-based reconstruction techniques, so you can enjoy the results you deserve.

Your in-person consultation plays a vital role in your journey, as it will give Dr. Srinivasa the chance to learn everything there is to know about what you’re experiencing. Your breast revision will be informed by the complications you’re dealing with, combined with your personal cosmetic goals. With this information in mind, Dr. Srinivasa will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to you and your personal needs.

During your consultations, you’ll discuss everything there is to know about your procedure, going over information like incision placement, procedural techniques, the duration of your surgery, and more. Dr. Srinivasa will give you detailed aftercare instructions, and set up appointments to monitor your healing progress and ensure that your recovery is going smoothly. Our goal is to guide you through every step of your journey.

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Creating the Results You Deserve

Founded by Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa and built on a commitment to helping breast cancer patients truly move on from their illness, the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction is here to provide you with a so-called “silver lining surgery” that enables you to begin the next chapter of your life absolutely loving the way you look.

Our impressive selection of both autologous and implant-based breast reconstruction in Calabasas gives you the ability to choose the procedure that is right for you and look forward to results that will make you absolutely love your new curves.

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Take Those Final Steps to Recovery at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction

If you’ve been considering a breast revision or any of the other breast reconstruction procedures we offer here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, we’re here to help. These procedures can help you restore a sense of evenness and symmetry to your bust, so you can once more enjoy the curvy silhouette that feels most natural to you. When you’re ready to learn more about how a breast revision procedure with Dr. Srinivasa can help you, simply reach out to our Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks locations and set up your consultation with an expert member of our team today.

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