Using Implants to Restore Your Feminine Curves

While a mastectomy can serve as the final step in beating breast cancer for many women, it often leaves behind a lasting impact that can have a significant effect on an individual’s sense of femininity and self-confidence. As such, for many women, the true completion of their recovery process comes after they’ve undergone breast reconstruction to restore their feminine curves. 

If you’ve undergone a mastectomy and are considering reconstruction, the “tissue expander to implant” method may be the right choice for you. The use of an implant gives our patients an exceptional level of control over their final results, and you’ll be able to decide upon the size and shape that best complements your overall appearance. When you’re ready to learn more about how tissue expanders and implants can help you, simply reach out to our Thousand Oaks or Los Angeles locations and set up your consultation with a member of our staff today.

Expander Implant Reconstruction Procedure with Dr. Srinivasa

Expander Implant Reconstruction Procedure with Dr. Srinivasa

Are Implants with Tissue Expanders Right for Me?

Here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, we pride ourselves on our singular dedication to breast reconstruction. This doesn’t mean that we limit ourselves to a single procedure, however. Rather, we’re excited to be offering a wide variety of breast reconstruction options, giving you the opportunity to pick the procedure that is right for you.

Tissue expanders and implants are frequently utilized by patients who are not a great fit for the autologous option, which typically involves the transplantation of tissue from a donor site elsewhere on the body. When there is not ample tissue available on an area like the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, implants can serve as an effective way to restore a natural-looking bust. During your consultation, Dr. Srinivasa or a member of her team will help you explore your options, and land on the option that is best for you and your body type.

Preparing for Your Breast Implants

Your Consultations

Your preoperative consultations will serve as an important part of the process, enabling you to settle on the details of your breast reconstruction and giving you the opportunity to truly begin anticipating the final steps in your recovery process.

Solidifying the Details

Together, you and Dr. Srinivasa will decide upon the key aspects of your restoration: Size, shape, volume, and other key details will be worked out between the two of you so that you know exactly what to expect from your final results.

Asking Key Questions

You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about the procedure itself, and you’ll be given detailed information about everything from the duration of the surgery to the placement of any incisions and the resulting scars.

Aftercare and Recovery

Dr. Srinivasa will also make sure you have thorough and detailed aftercare instructions, in addition to scheduling follow-up appointments. This will help her keep an eye on your recovery and ensure that you’re healing nicely.

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Your Breast Reconstruction Procedure

A tissue expander is used prior to the placement of a more permanent implant and gives Dr. Srinivasa the chance to ensure that your chest wall will be able to properly accommodate the presence of the new implant. This tissue expander can be placed immediately at the time of the mastectomy, or it can be placed once that procedure has been completed.

The tissue expander will have a small valve, located just under your skin, through which Dr. Srinivasa will periodically inject a saline solution. As the expander fills, it gradually expands the tissues on your chest wall, ensuring that implant placement won’t cause any discomfort or more serious issues in the future.

Once your tissue expander has been sufficiently filled, your chest will be ready for the placement of your permanent implant. You and Dr. Srinivasa will work together to decide whether saline or silicone gel is the right choice for you. The implant will be placed in the same area where the tissue expander previously sat.

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Your Recovery and Results

Most patients are back to their normal routines in about six to eight weeks, and it’s important to avoid rushing the recovery process. You’ll experience fatigue and soreness for a number of weeks, and Dr. Srinivasa will ensure that you have the medication required to stay comfortable as you rest and recover. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled, so we can ensure that you are healing properly, and you’ll be given detailed aftercare instructions in advance of your procedure.

When you’re ready to learn more about how the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction can help you reclaim your body confidence once more, simply reach out and set up your consultation. Our Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks offices are ready and waiting to welcome you and start you on your journey to true recovery.

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