Your Breast Reconstruction Journey: Our Mission

At our practice, our core philosophy is to provide compassionate and personalized care, empowering you to regain your confidence and well-being through exceptional reconstructive procedures. We are dedicated to offering specialized microsurgical and hybrid approaches to breast reconstruction, harnessing the body's natural tissues to create longer-lasting results with a more natural outcome. We understand that mastectomy is often a pivotal component of breast cancer treatment, and our unwavering mission is to guide you through every step of the breast reconstruction and recovery process, ultimately optimizing your quality of life after cancer. Our commitment is to ensure that you feel supported, informed, and empowered as you embark on this transformative journey towards physical and emotional healing.

A Wealth of Experience in Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a transformative process that involves rebuilding the breast mound to match the size and shape of the natural breast. These procedures aim to restore the natural appearance of the breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa, our double board-certified plastic surgeon with fellowship training in advanced microsurgical techniques, specializes in a wide range of reconstructive procedures to ensure that your needs will be met with compassion and expertise. Her expertise extends to various reconstruction techniques, including breast flap reconstruction, implant-based reconstruction, and other innovative methods. And her commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized care ensures that each patient receives the most suitable and effective reconstructive solution for their individual needs. For our Beverly Hills patients, Dr. Srinivasa operates out of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, ensuring convenience and comprehensive care. 

Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Lumpectomy reconstruction is designed to restore a full and symmetrical bust after a mastectomy procedure, addressing issues such as asymmetry, deflation, or other cosmetic concerns.

Implant Reconstruction

We offer traditional implant-based breast reconstruction procedures, including a hybrid procedure that combines autologous and implant-based reconstruction techniques.

Flap Reconstruction

Dr. Srinivasa specializes in autologous, flap-based breast reconstruction, utilizing advanced microsurgery techniques to create a softer, more natural breast mound made from the patient's own bodily tissues.

Hybrid Reconstruction

Hybrid breast reconstruction combines the use of an implant with the patient's own transplanted tissues, offering the best of both implant-based and autologous methods.

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Why Choose Dr. Srinavasa for Your Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Srinivasa is deeply committed to guiding patients through the final stages of their recovery and enabling them to embrace the next important chapter in their lives She is renowned for her expertise in autologous breast reconstruction and successfully performs over 200 flap procedures each year, making her one of the few practitioners specializing in this technique in Beverly Hills. 

She is eager to learn more about how she can support and guide you through your unique recovery journey. So, when you're ready to take the next step, reach out to us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Srinivasa. We're committed to providing compassionate, personalized care to support you in making informed choices and embarking on a journey toward both physical and emotional healing.

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Breast Reconstruction FAQ

What is the recovery process like after breast reconstruction surgery?

How long does breast reconstruction surgery take?

Can I undergo breast reconstruction if I had a mastectomy several years ago?

How can I determine the best breast reconstruction option for me?

What is the recovery process like after breast reconstruction surgery?

After breast reconstruction, you can expect some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. We'll give you thorough instructions for post-operative care to support your recovery and maximize your results.

How long does breast reconstruction surgery take?

The duration of breast reconstruction surgery varies depending on the specific technique used. Dr. Srinavasa will discuss the estimated length of your procedure during your consultation.

Can I undergo breast reconstruction if I had a mastectomy several years ago?

Yes, it's possible to undergo breast reconstruction even years after a mastectomy. Dr. Srinavasa will assess your individual situation and guide you through the available options.

How can I determine the best breast reconstruction option for me?

Dr. Srinavasa will evaluate your unique anatomy, medical history, and personal goals to recommend the most suitable breast reconstruction option for you. In your consultation, she'll take the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns, tailoring her recommendations to your specific requirements.

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