Breast Reconstruction Options with Autologous Fat Grafting

If your mastectomy procedure has resulted in uneven or asymmetrical breasts, the fat grafting procedure can help. This is just one of the many autologous breast augmentation procedures that we offer here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction. Unlike the tissue flap method, however, this procedure utilizes liposuction to remove only fat cells from a donor site, which are then purified and injected back into the treatment area. To learn more about how fat grafting can create your ideal results, simply reach out and set up your consultation at our Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks offices today.

When Should I Consider Fat Grafting?

Breast cancer treatment gives patients a new lease on life, but it can also sometimes leave behind a bust that looks uneven or not quite as symmetrical as it used to. This tends to be especially true after a lumpectomy procedure, when a dangerous cancer growth is removed from a single breast, but not the other one.

Whatever the cause of your post-treatment asymmetry may be, fat grafting can be a great way to restore your even breasts, especially when a relatively small and subtle augmentation is required. While implant-based and autologous reconstruction gives Dr. Srinivasa the ability to rebuild natural breast mounds, fat grafting enables a higher level of precision and lets your practitioner make relatively small additions to size and volume.

    How Fat Grafting Works for You

    Just like autologous tissue-flap reconstruction, fat grafting is what we refer to as a "two-in-one" procedure. Not only will your natural fat cells be used to augment the size and proportion of your breasts, but the "donor site" will be visibly slimmed down thanks to the liposuction used to remove the fat cells for the procedure.

    Most patients have no trouble isolating a donor site, and typically choose an area that has ample extra fat cells to be donated. These areas tend to be the buttocks, tummy, flanks, hips, or thighs. Liposuction will be used to remove an ideal amount of fat cells from the donor site, which will then be purified and prepared.

    Finally, Dr. Srinivasa will carefully inject the purified fat cells into the donor site, according to a specific pattern that will add volume and size to the treatment area. The result will be even and symmetrical breasts that were augmented using your body's own tissues for a look and feel that is completely natural.

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    Recovering and Enjoying Your Results

    Fat grafting is a relatively easy procedure, especially when compared with autologous breast reconstruction or an implant-based procedure. Most fat grafting treatments can be completed in two to four hours. After your treatment is finished, you'll spend some time in our recovery area before returning home the same day. You'll have some tenderness and soreness, especially in the donor site, and Dr. Srinivasa will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.

    Here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, we're proud to offer fat grafting and a number of other highly effective breast reconstruction procedures, many of which enable you to avoid the use of an implant by safely utilizing your body's own tissues. When you're ready to learn more, we're here to help! Simply reach out to us at our Thousand Oaks or Los Angeles locations and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

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