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The vast majority of breast reconstruction procedures are performed using one of two main techniques. Implant-based reconstruction is similar to a traditional breast augmentation procedure, using an artificial implant made from either silicone or saline gel to improve the size, volume, and projection of the breasts. Conversely, autologous reconstruction utilizes the patient’s very own tissues, transplanted from another area of the body, to create a more natural-feeling breast.

There are a variety of factors that will determine whether a patient is better suited to an implant-based or autologous reconstruction procedure. In some cases, a hybrid reconstruction procedure is optimal, combining elements of both techniques and enabling Dr. Srinivasa and her team to sidestep some of the limitations that come along with each. To learn more about how hybrid breast reconstruction can benefit you, reach out to our offices in Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

When Should I Consider Hybrid Breast Reconstruction?

Here at the Institute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, we’re pleased to be offering our patients an impressively robust selection, when it comes to the techniques that can be used to complete your reconstruction procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Srinivasa will help you explore the options available to you, and you’ll work together to decide whether or not hybrid breast reconstruction is the right choice for you.

Patients often consider hybrid breast reconstruction for the following reasons:

  • The necessary amount of donor tissue required for a fully autologous reconstruction is not present
  • They wish to increase their cup size in a subtle, natural manner
  • This procedure provides an increased level of control over the end result
  • An increase in bust size can be combined with the natural softness offered by the autologous reconstruction method
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How Does Hybrid Breast Reconstruction Work?

Hybrid breast reconstruction combines the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between autologous and implant-based breast reconstruction. To accomplish this, Dr. Srinivasa will call upon her extensive experience with microsurgery, a highly specialized form of surgery that enables her to transplant healthy tissues from one part of the body to another. This enables the performance of autologous breast reconstruction, which removes healthy fat and tissue from a donor area like the thighs or abdomen, before transplanting it to the chest where it will create a natural breast mound made from your body’s own tissues.

An implant-based reconstruction essentially functions in the same way as a traditional breast augmentation procedure. An implant will be placed in the chest wall, adding volume and size to the bust via the use of a silicone gel or saline solution. When the hybrid approach is used, the breast implant is placed just behind the transplanted tissue mound, adding size, volume, and projecting while still enabling you to enjoy the softer and more natural feel provided by the utilization of your body’s own healthy tissues.

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Charting Your Course to Complete Recovery

For many breast cancer survivors, the final step in the recovery process involves reconstruction. Here at The Insitute for Advanced Breast Reconstruction, this is about so much more than simply rebuilding your body. Our team is dedicated to helping you reclaim your body and identity, restoring your quality of life right along with your physical appearance.

We’re proud to be offering an impressively wide range of breast reconstruction options, and we’ll work closely with you to explore the various methods you have available to you. Together, we’ll help you make the most informed choice, guiding you on your road to full and complete recovery. When you’re ready to learn more, we’re excited to get to know you and how we can help! Simply reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

Enjoying Your Incredible Reconstruction Results

After your surgery, you’ll need to spend between four and six weeks resting and recovering. Your reconstruction will likely be performed on an outpatient basis, so you’ll be able to return home the same day. Before your procedure, Dr. Srinivasa will give you a detailed timetable for your recovery, along with very specific aftercare instructions. You’ll also schedule a series of follow-up appointments, so Dr. Srinivasa and her team can ensure that you’re healing nicely. We’ll be here to guide you through each and every step of the reconstruction process, ensuring that you’re ready to enjoy your incredible, life-changing results. When you’re ready to learn more, simply reach out to us at our Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks locations and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

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